I have had this GoPro for a while now and really have not used it much at all. I don’t do much with video, but it takes stills too and is waterproof, so why not take it to the pool. I decided to set it on time lapse and throw it in the pool set to take one shot every 60 seconds. I attached it to the floating yellow handle and it floated upside down around the pool with us for about an hour. Looking at the results was even more fun than usual. Normally, you know what you will be seeing, but with this, I had no idea when the shot was going to go off and we were just hanging out. I got lots of shots of nothing but water and wall. After wading through all the shots, I found a few images that I really liked. With the camera sitting just below the water looking up, the reflections really played with what was captured in the shots.