Over the past few months I have been focusing much of my time with my camera on street photography. Taking pictures of random strangers can be intimidating or scary. It can also be a rush and lead to some good stories and conversations. Some people glare, while others want to strike a pose because they “weren’t ready”. When I started doing street photography, I wanted to use my zoom lens and ‘spy’ on people. The results were not what I was looking for. After watching a few documentaries, I realized that you need to get close. The closer the better. Sometimes I will approach someone and ask if I can take their picture. Sometimes I make eye contact and get a non-verbal okay. Other times, I just take the shot and let the chips fall where they may. No matter what the approach, something new can be around any corner.

This is my first official collection of shots from the streets of Phoenix. All of these shots were taken within a mile of my front door. There is always something going on downtown, bringing a different people down to mix on the sidewalks and streets. The light rail cuts right through the heart of downtown, bringing in all types of ‘subjects’. This is some of what I have seen in the last few months.


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