As each night goes by, and I wind down the project, I am equal parts happy to be done and bummed out that it is over. I am not going to stop taking pictures, but the every. single. night. thing has gotten old. Some nights I just want to sit on my ass and watch Netflix until my TV has the audacity to ask if I am still watching. Anyway, tonight I decided to do some lens spins. I decided that the chainlink fence cage that encloses the footbridge at 10th Street would make a cool scene. And when I not only caught the lights on from the other side of the I-10 but also the traffic on the I-10, I knew I had a good idea. when I got it open on my computer the lights really made the picture trippy looking but the path itself still stood out to me. But maybe it wasn’t really there at all?

Road To Relapse
Day 359