While I was sitting at work today, I caught my reflection in my sunglasses and thought that with a cooler surroundings, it would make a cool picture. So tonight I started thinking about a place that I could take the picture. I thought it would be cool to do it sitting at a bar, so I went out for a drink. The first bar I stopped at, had nobody at the bar yet so I kept moving. The second two that I went by had lines that were not worth the picture, nor did I think I would get a bar spot once inside. The fourth stop landed me a spot at the bar with a cool angle down the bar with that beer taps in the background. However, the light coming from the bar was destroying my reflections so I had a my beer and moved on. As I was headed toward the next stop, I saw these picnic tables and decided to set up here. with a little graffiti in the background, I figured this was better than looking for a spot at a bar this late in the night.

Look in My Eyes
Day 356