First off, there a bunch of things about this shot that I would like to change. Secondly, I think I did a damn good job taking this shot while taking a curve on the highway at 80 (I mean 65) MPH. I was head out to meet up with my fiance for dinner, and saw the sun setting in the rearview as I took a curve in the road. By the time I was able to get my phone out, the road had curved back and I couldn’t see the sun in the mirror anymore. As I kept going, I could see the the road would be curving back the way that I needed for the picture. I “dropped the hammer to get up to that section of road before the sun was gone behind the mountains. I got a few shots off before we curved back the other way again and I got what I could, I wish that I has managed to not get the phone and my hands in the shot. I assumed that my hair would make it though.

Sunset At 80 MPH
Day 351