I decided to go down to First Friday tonight to see if I could find anything interesting to shoot. I was also on my own for dinner so I decided to make my first stop the food trucks. I ended up getting a carne asada jambalaya burrito from Jam Burrito and while eating was struck by my first idea. I heard a guy jamming on his guitar on the porch of the house behind the food truck and after eating headed¬†over there. I liked the background behind him, but he just didn’t have any real uniqueness that would come through in a picture. With all of the people playing music in random spots all throughout the streets, I was sure I would find another good option and I did. I got a few shots of a punk rock kid jamming under a street light. I got some shots of some kids rapping with a live band. I got a few shots of my bartender handing the next guy a beer. And even a few shots of a glass blower doing his thing. But it was only as I was leaving to head home that I heard my shot. This chick had pipes and was actually playing in front of the headshop. As I got up so I could see the band that I had heard from across the street, I saw this redhead with red lipstick belting out lyrics in an old school mic and jamming on a ukulele and backed up by a band including a stand up bass and a washboard. Done.

Rocker Chick
Day 341