I really wanted to go out for a hike and take a few desert panoramic shots so that I could make a desert “world”. However, the weather had other plans. It was overcast and sprinkling on and off all day so I decided that a desert planet with grey skies would not look good. I sat around and waited for the weather to break, but it did not. I finally decided that if it was going to be grey, I would go look for some kind of industries scene to shoot. I ended up getting shut down at the first place that I stopped. Believe it or not, the guy told me he almost got fired for letting somebody take pictures. I wanted to asked if he thought that was as crazy as I did, but he didn’t look like he thought much at all. I Kept on driving and past a yard that had an open gate and no signs of meatheads. I got about 9 shots to make the panoramic and headed home.

Junk World
Day 337