I went out tonight planning to take a panoramic shot so that I could turn it into a “planet”. I decided that going to a slower street downtown I could get in the street and get shot all the way around to make the panoramic picture and then piece them together in photoshop. This sounded much easier in my head. First, with my normal lens I couldn’t see the tops of the buildings, but with the fisheye, I had no idea how I could put the images together. Then I decided that I would get out of the tall buildings and go more towards that warehouse section of downtown. This showed me just how hard it would be to get a shot all the way around to piece together, after getting a third of the way around I decided that this was not going to work. I decided to try to use the pano function on my iPhone camera, but it was way too dark for that to work. I decided that I was going to start to head back home and try to find something on the way. As I stepped over the caution tape strung out across the parking lot I was cutting through in front of the arena, I turned around and saw the lights behind me and knew that this would be a cool bokeh shot.

Behind the Yellow Tape
Day 331