Tonight turned out to be a different night. Mostly I go out and blast music in my headphones and just shoot. Nobody pays much attention to me and I just do my thing. Tonight, I actually got to meet a few people and talk “shop” so to speak. I headed down to the location of a new bar in Phoenix. A speakeasy of sorts, as it has no name and no sign. The entrance is marked by this red light in the alley. One of the guys in line did photography and videography and we may link up and do some shooting together. This would be a first for me and could generate some cool results. Not much later a guy and girl that work at the bar came to see what I was up to and offered to take me straight in to take pictures if I wanted. Turns out, the guy lives four doors down from me at our new place, so I took a raincheck, my shots for the night and headed home with a few new “connections” around town. This can only mean more coolness to come.

Red Light Special
Day 328